Dahlias fresh from the Pacific Coast

Our Products page displays pictures of the varieties we grow and which dahlias are available as cut-stems or available to plant in your own garden.

Reaching for the morning sunshine

We are proud to say that we practice organic farming and do not use harsh or harmful chemicals in our dahlia rows or surrounding garden beds. We hand-weed and try natural approaches to pest control – starting with healthy soil for healthy plants that naturally deter pests.

We love the fact that we now have so many more bees, butterflies, lady bugs, frogs and birds in our gardens too. We welcome wildlife and between our family of deer, chickens, “Missy” our cat, and the beautiful fir and redwood trees, we feel extremely blessed to be working hard in this peaceful, beautiful space we call home.

In the beginning there was soil!

Our Story – Our Dream

Janie’s Dahlias is a love story. I met my husband Barry in 2008 and for seven years, we traveled to see each other every other weekend. I have four beautiful daughters and Barry waited patiently for me to transition my girls from home to college/career one-by-one.

In 2015, I made the move to Fort Bragg with my dad, “Big Jim”, and Barry and I finally got married! As with previous gardens, I started planting dahlias immediately. My dad loved seeing the earlier dahlia beds but was unable to see the larger dream of Janie’s Dahlias come to fruition after passing away in 2017.

My dream to sell dahlias at the Farmer’s Markets in our local community quickly became “our dream” as my tuber supply exploded and I needed more space to plant. Barry was all in. He supported me by rallying some friends with equipment to get our first rows put in. In 2021, we planted over 250 dahlia plants with over 40 varieties. In 2022, we added more rows and planted over 525 dahlia plants with over 60 varieties. And we’re still growing!

Where You Can Find Us

My husband and I now sell beautiful stems, tubers and one-gallon starts at the Fort Bragg and Mendocino Farmers Markets July – October. You may also find us set-up on the weekends on Main St. in Fort Bragg. We love sharing our passion for dahlias with the local community. Let us  know if you need dahlias for an event by visiting our Contact Page.

14 years later…